Solar Micro Inverter for Solar System MPPT 60HZ 600W Inverter

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Solar Micro Inverter for Solar System MPPT 60HZ 600W Grid Tied inverter is applicate to on grid rooftop Solar PV system. It converts Solar PV DC power to AC power, synchronized with Grid power. Feed Solar PV power into grid through meter. To collect Fit or reduce your power bill.

  • Model Name: GTB-600
  • Rated Power: 600W
  • Output Voltage: 120V/230V AC
  • Monitoring System: Mobile APP, PC browser
  • Ambient temperature: -40°C to +60°C
  • Waterproof degree: IP65
  • Product Detail







    Advantages of 600W WIFI Solar Micro Inverter:

    · Safety: No high pressure leads to the risk of personal injury, risk of fire caused by arcing;

    · Reliable / long warranty period: a traditional inverter 2 times more than life;

    · Low installation costs: no DC cables and DC switches and other equipment;

    · Power generation and more: productive than conventional inverter system power 15%;

    · No noise: Outdoor installation, no noise impact on the living environment;

    · Flexible installation / scalable: Users can be installed as part of the residents, such as 1.2KW, according to the subsequent use at any time by 600W extended for one unit. Or a part of the system will be installed to 260W for the unit leased to other people using it, and these parts, according to the various needs change dynamically adjusted.



    Technicable Data of Solar Micro Inverter

    Model GTB-600 
    Maximum input power 600Watt 
     Peak power tracking voltage  22-50V 
     Min / max starting voltage  22-55V 
     Maximum DC short-circuit  30A 
     Maximum input operating current  27.2A 
     Output Data  @120V @230V 
     Peak power output  600Watt
     Rated output power  600Watt
     Rated output current  5A  2.6A
     Rated voltage range  80-160VAC  180-260VAC
     Rated frequency range  48-51/58-61Hz 
     Power Factor  >99% 
     Max unit per branch circuit  5pcs(Single-phase)  10pcs(Single-phase)
     Output Eifficiency  @120V  @230V 
     Static MPPT efficiency  99.5% 
     Maximum output efficiency  95% 
     Night time power consumption <1W 
     THD  <5% 
     Exterior & Feature  
     Ambient temperature range  -40°C to +60°C 
     Dimensions (L × W × H)  280mm×200mm×40mm 
     Weight  1.62kg 
     Waterproof rating  IP65 
     Cooling  Self-cooling 
     Communication Mode  WiFi mode 
     Power transmission mode  Reverse transfer,load priority 
     Monitoring System  Mobile APP, PC browser 
     Electromagnetic Compatibility  EN50081.part1 EN50082.Party1 
     Grid disturbance  EN61000-3-2 Safety EN62109 
     Grid detection  DIN VDE 0126 
     Certificate  CE ,BIS 

    stucture of solar pv system

    installation of 600W WIFI MICRO SOLAR INVERTER


    Connection of 600W Micro Inverter

    connection of WIFI MICRO SOLAR INVERTERthree phase connection of WIFI MICRO SOLAR INVERTER


    User’s Manual of 600W Solar Micro InverterData sheet of 600W WIFI MICRO SOLAR INVERTER



    ★Please connect the inverter following the operation instruction show above. If have any question,please contact with relative persons.
    ★Non-professionals do not disassemble.Only qualified personnel may repair this product.
    ★Please install inverter in the low humidity and wellventilated place to avoid the inverter over-heating,and clear around the inflammable and explosive materials.
    ★When using this product, avoid children touching,playing, to avoid electric shock.
    ★Connected solar panels, battery or wind generators and DC input DC power supply cable.
    Accessories for product:
    1.One warranty card;
    2.One user manual;
    3.One certificate of quality;
    4.1 pouch of screw for micro inverter installation;
    5.One AC Cable;
    LED Display:
    1.Red light 3 second—Red LED light 3 second
    while device starts , then in working condition;
    2.Green flash fast—MPPT searching;
    3.Green flash slow—MPPT + searching;
    4. Red flash slow—MPPT – searching;
    5.Green lights on 3s and off 0.5s—MPPT locked;
    6.Red light steady—a. Islanding protection;
    b.Over-temperature protection;
    c.Over / low AC voltage protection;
    d. Over / low DC voltage protection; e.Fault
    LED flashing in the process of being working condition:inverters connected to AC & DC sides→Red LED light 3 second→Green LED flash fast(MPPT searching)→Green LED flash slow(MPPT + searching)/ Red LED flash slow (MPPT – searching) / reen LED lights on 3s and off 0.5s (MPPT locked) .


    Why Choosing Us ?

    · 10 Years experience in solar industry and trading

    ·  30 Minutes to reply after received Your E-mail

    ·  25 Years Warranty for Solar MC4 Connector, PV Cables

    ·  No compromise on quality

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    Solar system components

    Solar panel to inverter system

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