High Tensile Strength SS304 Solar Cable Tie 4.6mm 7.9mm Stainless Steel Zip Tie from 100mm to 1500mm

100pcs High Tensile Strength SS304 Solar Cable Tie 4.6mm Stainless Steel Zip Tie from 100mm to 1500mm

High-Quality Material

Our zip tie is made of 304 stainless steel with an operating temperature range of minus 112 °F. to 1000 °F. They have great toughness, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and longer service time, which could be used in various environments such as wet places, outdoors, places with high temperatures, and so on.

Special Design & Easy to Use

These locking tie wraps are designed with a thickened buckle to reinforce the tie. In addition, the buckle contains stainless steel balls to keep ties from loosing after being clamped. Last but not least, you completely don’t need any tools to install them, as easily as a zipper.

50-100PCS-Multi-Purpose-Locking-Cable-Metal-Zip-Ties-Stainless-Steel-Cable-twist-Ties-Locking-Metal (6).jpg

50-100PCS-Multi-Purpose-Locking-Cable-Metal-Zip-Ties-Stainless-Steel-Cable-twist-Ties-Locking-Metal (7).jpg

Specifications of Metal Cable Tie :

  • Material : 304 Stainless Steel Cable Tie
  • Width: 4.6mm, 7.9mm
  • Length : 100mm to 1500mm
  • Operation Temperature : – 80°C to + 540°C
  • Tensile Strength : 135kg for 4.6mm, 200kg for 7.9mm
  • Color : Silver
  • Quantity : 100pcs one bag
  • Self-Locking, Ball Rolling design
  • Application Range: Solar System, Mine, Ship, Petroleum, Electricity, Computer,Wire harness, etc.


Advantage of SS Wire Zip












Package of Cable Tie

cable tie package.jpg


We also have professional Cutter for Stainless Steel Cable Tie, PLEASE visit our store to buy together.

stainless steel cable tie cutter.jpg

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