Introduce the types, advantages and disadvantages of solar photovoltaic cable junction boxes

1. Traditional type.
Structural features: There is an opening on the back of the casing, and there is an electrical terminal (slider) in the casing, which electrically connects each busbar strip of the power output end of the solar cell template with each input end (distribution hole) of the battery. The solar photovoltaic cable passes through the corresponding electrical terminal, the cable extends into the casing through the hole on one side of the casing, and is electrically connected with the output terminal hole on the other side of the electrical terminal.
Advantages: clamping connection, fast operation and convenient maintenance.
Disadvantages: Due to the existence of electrical terminals, the junction box is bulky and has poor heat dissipation. Holes for solar photovoltaic cables in the housing can lead to a decrease in the waterproof function of the product. Wire contact connection, the conductive area is small, and the connection is not good enough.
2. The sealant seal is compact.
Advantages: Due to the welding method of sheet metal terminals, the volume is small, and it has better heat dissipation and stability. It has good waterproof and dustproof function because it is filled with glue seal. Provide a sensitive connection scheme, according to different needs, you can choose two methods of sealing and unsealing.
Disadvantage: Once a problem occurs after sealing, maintenance is inconvenient.
3. For glass curtain wall.
Advantages: Because it is used for low-power photovoltaic panels, the box is small and will not affect indoor lighting and aesthetics. It is also the design of the rubber seal, which has good thermal conductivity, stability and waterproof and dustproof function.
Disadvantage: Due to the selection of the brazing connection method, the solar photovoltaic cable extends into the box body through the outlet holes on both sides, and it is difficult to weld to the metal terminal in the slender box body. The structure of the junction box adopts the form of an insert, which avoids the inconvenience of the above-mentioned processing.

Post time: Jun-17-2022

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