Risin Solar Battery Connection Cable 8/6/4 AWG High Current Terminal Lugs Wire Solar Inverter Dc Battery Connect Cable


This Battery connect cable is used for connection of Solar battery,car battery,vehicle battery,UPS to inverter, etc. 

⚡ Technical Data :

  • Wire gauge: 10mm2 (8 AWG) / 16mm2 (6 AWG) / 25mm2 (4 AWG) ;
  • Conductor Material: 99.7% Bare Copper
  • Lug material: Tinned copper ;
  • Insulation material: PVC
  • Diameter of Lug’s Aperture: 8mm
  • Rated voltage: 450/750V
  • Length: 20/30/40/60/80/100 cm;
  • Lug installation method: Crimping and Soldering;
  • Use range: Used for connection of car battery, battery, inverter, etc.

⚡ Advantages:

  • High purity oxygen-free copper core
  • Using high purity oxygen-free copper core, anti-oxidation, stable conductivity
  • Environmental protection and safety, non-toxic and harmless
  • Selected PVC materials, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless
  • Using tinned copper lug
  • Not easy to oxidize, long use time, good conductivity
  • Welding method: Lug and wires are more secure and not easy to fall off

Seller declaration: Note that the unit of thickness of the cable is the cross-sectional area of the conductor, not the diameter. Some buyers mistakenly believe that the diameter of a 10mm2 cable is 1cm.

Why Choosing Risin ?
· 12 Years experience in solar factory
· 30 Minutes to reply after received message
· 25 Years Warranty for MC4 Connector, PV Cable
· No compromise on quality

Post time: May-22-2022

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